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Komark, are the Specialists in the Communication Skills, These include both oral and written communication, both for the workplace and for academia. From its first client, the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (State of Massachusetts, USA) in the year 1996, Komark has grown steadily and today includes among its clients several top-rated companies and institutions in both public and private sectors.


Communication skills play a major role in the personal development and success of an individual, Komark has imparted training in various forms of communication - public speaking, business presentation, business writing, (Ph. D.) thesis editing, remedial communication and listening skills. In these areas, Komark has won considerable acclaim, and has worked with over 4,000 individuals in over 25 organizations and institutions in India. For several years Komark also edited a prestigious periodical for a UN agency.

ORAL Communication
  • Training in Public Speaking and Oral Presentation

    • Organisations: Private sector and public sector companies, Government departments, Embassies and Consulates, Academic institutions, NGOs, etc.
    • Individuals: Very senior executives, diplomats, business leaders, other professionals who, for one reason or another, may not find it convenient to attend a class with others
    • Groups (5-15 trainees at a time): Adults at any level who are reasonably fluent in English
  • Training in Public Speaking, , Elocution, Debates, etc.
    • Colleges and Universities
    • Senior schools
    • Groups (8-15) University, college and senior school students
  • Professional Speaking for special events
  • Presentations at product or brand launches
  • Voice-overs for Radio and TV (English, Hindi)
WRITTEN Communication
  • Training in Business Writing

    • Organisations: Private sector and public sector companies, Government departments, Academic institutions, NGOs, etc.
    • Individuals: Very senior executives, diplomats, business leaders, other professionals
    • Groups (of 5-10): Adults at any level, who write reasonably well in English
  • Editing, Rewriting and Writing for Academic purposes - including Ph.D. theses and articles for national and international journals
  • Editing, Rewriting, Writing business purposes – of corporate journals, brochures, company manuals
  • Preparation of Press Releases – for corporate organizations and institutions
  • Preparation of top - quality animated PowerPoint presentations
Communication Skills training
  • Executives and other working people.
    These people face many situations each day in which effective communication skills are critical. Executives are called to be leaders; and leadership and communication skills are two sides of the same coin. They also need to express themselves effectively in writing, both within their organization and to people outside. Other working people find themselves having to handle irate customers and screen calls. Almost everyone, at some stage, has to make oral presentations - to large, mid-sized and small groups, or even to individuals. In all these cases - and more – communication skills play a vital role. Komark gears people to learn to gracefully handle these situations while adding value to their skill-sets and stature to their jobs

  • Students
    Other programmes target college students and those aspiring to take up professional studies and careers. Over the last few years, it has become more and more evident that even the most impressive qualifications do not guarantee success in competitive situations. Too many students fail to obtain admission for higher studies; and too many qualified candidates fail to get past job interviews; simply because they are unable to present themselves effectively in “Group Discussions” or interviews. Later, many fail in their climb up the corporate ladder because of their inability to lead or to stand out in a crowd. In short, too many young (and older) people fail on account of under-developed oral and written communication skills.


These facts have increasingly caught the attention of executives, diplomats, professionals and students. Among the most popular of our programmes, therefore, have been those relating to Effective Oral and Written Communication. It has been our happy experience that the most reserved individuals are able with the help of these courses to overcome their inhibitions and become confident and effective speakers. It has also been possible for us to prove that, with help and with diligent effort, almost anybody can become an effective writer.

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University Of St. Andrews

Komark are the Admissions Managers to the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK. This 600-year-old University, consistently ranked in the top 10 of the UK, offers top-of-the-line courses in Arts, Science, Medicine and Divinity. Fortune 500 companies vie to employ its graduates and post-graduates.

Indian students in general find several advantages. To begin with, St Andrews is a high-profile, well respected university, whose students require no introduction to employers and academics. This also means that the University is able to attract the cream of students from several countries, so that Indian students develop a network of academic and corporate leaders around all these countries. The seminar and tutorial styles of teaching not only give individual attention to each student but also build up original thinking (after the rote learning that characterises much of India’s school curricula), communication skills and confidence to face a group of bright, international colleagues. A wide range of sports and extra-curricular activities gives students many opportunities to develop their talents. The unique traditions that go back six centuries find deep resonance within the hearts of Indian students, who themselves come from an ancient culture.

For postgraduate students, there is the special advantage of saving a whole year of postgraduate studies, as the duration of a postgraduate programme is one year as against the two years in India. Also, since all Departments are ranked 5 or 5* in the official RAE rankings, every Postgraduate student can be sure of a programme that matches the very best anywhere in the world.

For undergraduate students, the flexibility offered by St Andrews is very refreshing. Out of the four years of undergraduate studies, divided into eight semesters, the first two years (or four semesters) allow the student to experiment with several subjects, even some that are not offered in India. Admission is not to a particular Honours degree (like, say, History Honours); instead it is to “Arts” or “Science” or “Divinity” or “Medicine”. A student who chooses Arts, for instance, could explore English, Economics, History, Classical Languages and so on – three at a time in each of the first four semesters. Only at the end of the second year will the student have to decide on one or two subjects as Single or Double Majors respectively for the Honours degree. Certain subjects like Mathematics and Economics can be taken in both the Arts and the Science faculties.

From 2012, undergraduate students have an additional option – a double Honours (UK and USA) degree for the same period of study. One of the degrees is given by the University of St Andrews and the other by Willam and Mary College, Va, USA. The student will spend the first and the fourth years in the “home” university (either St Andrews or William & Mary) and the second and third years in the associating institution. At the end, the student simultaneously receives a UK and a US degree, which simplifies progression to a postgraduate degree in both the UK/Europe and the USA.

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