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The University 

The venerable institution, founded almost 600 years ago, in 1411,is rated no. 1 in Scotland and among the top 10 in the entire UK, in independent ratings led by Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

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St Andrews, incidentally famous for its world-class golf course, is a historical university-town - one of a handful left in the world. The breathtakingly beautiful campus is located on the mild weather Fife coast, 22 Km south of Dundee and equidistant(70-80 Km) from Edinburgh and Glasgow. The length of the entire town of St. Andrews can be covered on foot from end to end in about 25 minutes, although the town is vibrant with restaurants, a theatre, a cinema, (the!) golf course, shops, sports fields, student centers, beaches, churches, hotels, homes, and historical monuments.

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Campus (town) profile

St. Andrews has a total town population of about 18,000, of which approximately one third are the students. More than 60%  of students come from the UK ( a handful of Indian origin ) and the EU; in addition, there are substantial numbers from the USA, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. The entire town revolves around student life. There is no concept of 'ragging'; on the contrary, fresh students are taken to heart and soon form part of campus 'families', with seniors taking role of 'campus father', 'campus mother' and so on. Students come from all sorts of backgrounds, including royalty. Some student traditions go back hundreds of years. Fresh students are guaranteed hostel accommodation, usually single rooms. By the second year, however, students tend to move out and find independent lodgings in the town.

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Students Sought

Unlike the vast majority of British Universities marketing themselves to students from India, St Andrews is looking for exceptional students - bright and with personality - who would be credit to them and a credit to India, the country that they will represent. Preliminary assessments of potential students will be done in India by Komark and our criteria will emphatically NOT be restricted to marks and impossibly high percentages. We will be looking for certain aspects of personality and interests, and altogether for those bright students - from all social backgrounds - likely to make good "world citizens". Admissions are open to students finishing school ( Class 12) as well as to postgraduate students.

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Fees, expenses, financial help

With such students in mind, and given the long history of St. Andrews, fees are substantially lower than those of most other British universities, although admissions are far more selective. In addition, there are living costs, but students can work within the town to cover most, if not all, of these costs. For exceptional students, however ( and we repeat, this does not necessarily mean marks in the 80s and 90s),Komark can recommend some level of fee concession.

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Known for its excellence, St Andrews offers several disciplines under three general categories :
  • Arts
  • Science and
  • Divinity
Subjects include, at the undergraduate level, are computer sciences, Economics, Mathematics; and at the post-graduate level, management, cutting-edge computer technology, Finance, Economics, and international relations.

Medicine is also available in conjunction with Manchester University ( the first three years are done at St. Andrews and lead to B.Sc. in Medical Science, after which the student is guaranteed admission to Manchester for the last 3 years in clinical medicine).

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Placement Services 

Thanks to its reputation, St Andrews also has a very strong placement division. The top MNCs visit the campus and actually woo graduates to join them. In a number of cases, they have recruited a candidate and put him or her through postgraduate studies (law, accountancy) at company expense, while paying a salary.

Students enjoying equal status

Indian students will enjoy the same benefits and could well be selected by multinational companies for postings in any part of the world, including India.
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